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Here are some of the webcomics (in alphabetical order) that I enjoy and recommend to others. Each has a brief description, as well as an informal rating; I'm not a ratings board of course, but I do offer my opinion for which ones are family-friendly and which ones are better suited for a more mature audience:
I'm still working on this list. (I follow a LOT of comics!) But if you know of any other comics you think belong on this list, especially those that are furry-related, clean, and with a decent archive, let me know!

Awkward Zombie


Categories: comedy, gaming

Description: A collection of comics in which the artist, Katie, inserts herself into the games she's currently playing, usually to make humorous observations on the game's story or mechanics. The art style is fun and stylized, and occasionally even animated!

Rating: PG - mild language, occasional blood



Categories: adventure, comedy, furry

Description: A ragtag group aboard a sky-ship faces off against foes from the Serpent Kingdom, some of which are bumbling and humorous, but others are deadly serious. The art style is reminiscent of 90's cartoons and the story often feels like it too. Every once in a while though, it reminds you that the stakes and danger are very real, but it quickly returns to its light-hearted tone.

Rating: PG - mild language, violence



Categories: childhood, comedy

Description: Kevin and Miles are just two kids living life to the fullest in the suburbs. They frequently get into trouble, but always have each other's backs. The strip is light-hearted, and the art style is very reminiscent of classic newspaper funnies.

Rating: G - comic mischief



Categories: autobio, comedy, furry, gaming

Description: A collection of comics based on the life of a young furry couple. Lots of gaming references. Often sarcastic, and occasionally mean-spirited, but mostly fun and with a nice hand-drawn style.

Rating: PG - language, suggestive themes

Doc Rat


Categories: animals, comedy, drama, furry

Description: A rat practicing medicine and living in Australia. The story takes place in a society of animals that are intelligent and civilized, but that still prey on each other. The strip contains a mix of animal and medical related jokes and visual gags, as well as the more serious story of those who are trying to put an end to the practice of predation. A handful of comics featuring furry or animal characters address the question of what the meat-eating species do when they need to eat; Doc Rat is my favorite treatment of that question.

Rating: PG - violence



Categories: comedy, sci-fi, space opera

Description: "The story is serious, the characters are hilarious" (Jeff Kapalka). Drive takes place in a future in which humans steal faster than light travel and begin colonizing the galaxy. Unfortunately, the original creators of the tech want it back. Featuring a varied collection of extraterrestrial races, each with distinctive look, culture, and abilities.

Rating: PG - mild language, violence, one instance of rear nudity

Faux Pas


Categories: animals, comedy

Description: A family of foxes living in an Australian human home with along with other animals. They frequently interact with other animals from the wild are often caught between choosing a natural life in the wild and their comfortable life at home.

Rating: PG - mild suggestive themes

Flatt Bear


Categories: animals, comedy, nature

Description: Duff the bear and his loyal friend Carl the snake befriend a family of humans who operate a bed and breakfast. Full of puns and slapstick humor and with a loose, colorful art style. The jokes are sometimes a bit lowbrow, but enjoyable enough to stick with it.

Rating: PG - mild language, occasional implied nudity

Fowl Language


Categories: animals, comedy, parenting

Description: A comic about a a family of ducks, drawn in a loose cartoony style and full of relatable observations on the struggles of parenting and adult life. Fair warning, this comic is very deserving of its name. There is frequent use of profanity and sarcasm. Still, it is also funny and sometimes even heartwarming.

Rating: T - strong language, crude humor, suggestive themes



Categories: comedy, gaming, nerd culture

Description: Bill Amend continues his classic strip, featuring the same characters and same knack for nerd humor. It only updates Sundays now, with the extended Sunday strip format.

Rating: G

Furry Experience


Categories: comedy, drama, furry, LDS

Description: Furry characters attending school in Utah Valley. It should come as no surprise that this is the webcomic that inspired me to create Aww, Feathers! Lots of humor, a touch of drama, and plenty of commentary and good-natured satire on Utah Latter-day Saint culture.

Rating: PG - mild suggestive themes

Galactic Dragons


Categories: adventure, comedy, dragons, sci-fi

Description: A crew of dragons on board a space ship is on a mission to rescue a stranded colony. But there's plenty of mischief and hijinks along the way! An excellent example of story-telling done in the condensed format of a four-panel strip.

Rating: PG - mild language, mild suggestive themes



Categories: adventure, comedy, fantasy, furry, gaming, LDS

Description: The world and characters are based on the World of Warcraft universe, but it's not required to be familiar with it in order to understand and enjoy the story. Featuring fun characters battling dark forces while also forging relationships. Several chapters also feature themes and symbolism that will resonate with those of a religious, and especially an LDS background. In the first several chapters, the artwork is very rough. But the artist steadily improves as he goes. (Compare the first page with the most recent, and you'll see exactly what I mean!)

Rating: T - violence, blood, suggestive themes

KatRaccoon Comics


Categories: animals, comedy, gifs

Description: A collection of comics that add hilarious context to well-known or trendy gifs, particularly those featuring funny and/or adorable animal antics! Occasionally political, though with with a humorous spin.

Rating: PG - some language, occasional suggestive themes

Kevin & Kell


Categories: animals, comedy, furry, politics

Description: The world's longest running daily webcomic! Takes place in a world where animals are intelligent and have formed civil society, but sometimes give in to their more primal urges. Frequently uses animal traits as a metaphor for current political and social issues, though there are also plenty of strips that aren't political at all. There's a fair amount of implied death, as the characters sometimes hunt one another, and it's sometimes off-putting how casually they do so for what is otherwise a light-hearted comic.

Rating: PG - violence

Lackadaisy Cats


Categories: comedy, drama, furry, horror

Description: Takes place during Prohibition era United States and featuring an entirely feline cast. Rival moonshine operations battle for dominance, often resorting to violence or trickery, while also dealing with their own inner demons. The artwork is absolutely stunning and the characters are very expressive. Sadly, updates are few and far between. But whenever they do come out, it's always a visual treat. (There is also an animated version in the works, and the previews for it look excellent!)

Rating: T - alcohol, strong language, violence, blood, scary images



Categories: comedy, furry, parenting

Description: A feline couple raising their two little boys alongside the parents of several other species. Lots of pop culture references. Hilarious and incredibly relatable if you've ever been a kid or a parent in the 21st century!

Rating: PG - occasional language, rude humor

The Middle Age


Categories: comedy, fantasy

Description: Sir Quimpleton the Umpteenth of Grawlix embarks on a noble quest to rescue his true love… who happens to be a dragon! The number of jokes condensed into each page is impressive and the storyline is fun and delightful!

Rating: PG - blood, violence

Nicole and Derek


Categories: comedy, drama, furry

Description: Your typical furry highschool drama, but with a business-savvy transfer student, slick con artist, and teenage girls who might have psychic powers to ensure that all the expected highschool hijinks are taken to the next level!

Rating: PG - mild language, violence, suggestive themes

The Old Victorian Webcomic


Categories: autobio, comedy, drama, furry

Description: A furry couple living in an old victorian house while they work on fixing it up and celebrate their life together: the ups and the downs. Based on stories from the author's life. Usually humorous, occasionally serious.

Rating: PG - suggestive themes



Categories: animals, comedy

Description: The funny antics of an alpaca and a human bachelor rooming together. Simple yet charming humor with a traditional art style.

Rating: G

Peter & Company


Categories: comedy, drama, furry

Description: A world in which a child's imaginary friend is sometimes actually a guardian angel, seen only by the child and always nearby to help those with a particular need. Humorous and heart-warming. (Note, there is a "sequel series" to this comic called Peter & Whitney that features the same characters as adults. While I haven't read it myself, it's described by the author as containing adult situations and intended for an older audience. P&C however is family friendly.)

Rating: G - mild violence

Phoebe and Her Unicorn


Categories: comedy, fantasy

Description: A young girl befriends a vain unicorn, Marigold, who accompanies her to elementary school, spends time with her at home, and learns about these funny creatures called "humans", while remaining thoroughly convinced that it's much better to be a unicorn. But being a unicorn that's friends with Phoebe is even better!

Rating: G - bullying, occasional potty humor



Categories: comedy, furry, gaming, paranormal

Description: A couple of canine siblings take up residence in a slightly haunted mansion to set up a top rate gaming den. Spooky things sometimes happen in the mansion, but it rarely distracts them from their fun. (And sometimes the restless souls even join in!)

Rating: G



Categories: animals, drama, post-apocalyptic

Description: A community of rodents living in an abandoned human house are beginning to run short on supplies and must embark into the dangerous world outside to scout for more. The artwork is gorgeous, and at times legitimately frightening!

Rating: PG - violence, scary images

Twin Dragons and Gamer Dragons


Categories: comedy, furry, gaming, urban fantasy

Description: Kay and Kaya are two school-age dragon kids living in a world where humans and anthropomorphic animals called "hybrids" coexist. They navigate the typical challenges of school, friends, and family, while also dealing with the inherent differences that come with each hybrid species. The writing is sometimes a little lacking. But the characters are very fun and the art is excellent, making it still very enjoyable overall.

Gamer Dragons features the same characters, tone, and art style as Twin Dragons, but in various video game worlds. It updates less frequently and doesn't have to do with the main story from Twin Dragons, but it's a fun bonus whenever it does update.

Rating: G - bullying

Vicki Fox


Categories: Christian, comedy, drama, furry

Description: Furry characters figuring out life after college, including relationships, work, and volunteering at the local church. While not exclusively a Christian comic, several of the stories feature Christian themes and retellings of biblical stories.

Rating: G